4 Ways To Prepare For Life After School

    4 Ways To Prepare For Life After School

    Hello Viewer, welcome to this interesting article on how to prepare for life after your university study or after finishing from school. As you knows that your education in a tertiary institution mainly prepares you for life ahead and teaches you to think critically but is not an assurance to living a comfortable life. Check out four ways to life after completing your Bsc program.

    1. Get a Job

    The search for job begins after National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for most Nigerian graduates. For fresh graduates, getting a job is one isn’t really easy.

    First look for companies in your various location that’ll guarantee you a career progression and apply for job, follow the organizations you’ll like to work for on social media (Twitter or LinkedIn). After summiting your VC always get yourself ready for job interviews because you’ll surely get some interview invites as a fresh graduate.

    2. Start a Business

    If you like the idea of waking up early to go to work and come back late at night hour. I guess you should consider being your own boss by being an entrepreneur. For starter, starting a business won’t be that easy and will be very challenge at some point.

    You will need to make a business plan, get some capital and seek advice from successful entrepreneurs in a business sector related to yours, on things to do and marketing strategic they use in their business growth.

    Mind you, being an entrepreneur may not mean that you will start making money immediately. You need to be ambitious, passionate, and dedicated so as to achieve success.

    Below are some business ideas you can consider in Nigeria;

    1. Mini importation
    2. Information Marketing
    3. Sport Betting Agency
    4. Sale of Cloth
    5. Eggs Supply and Distribution
    6. Restaurant Business
    7. Dry Cleaning Business
    8. Social Media Marketing
    9. Dropshipping
    10. Freelance Content Development
    11. Affiliate Marketing
    12. Car Wash
    13. Liquid Soap Production
    14. Sale of Mobile Phone & Accessories

    3. Learn a Skill

    There are a different kind of skills you can acquire as a tertiary institution graduates, including IT skills (web design, web development, software development), graphics design, photography, Fashion designer and many others. You can choose anyone you have passion for and acquire skills on it.

    Acquiring such skills not only boost your chances of securing a job but also boost your finances as you render services to people. Learning a skill is one of the essential ways to prepare for life after school.

    4. Travel out of the Country

    You can travel out of the country to begin a new life after your graduation, if travelling out of the country has always been on your mind either to further your study or your plan B to a better life. This is the right time to chase your Canada, UK dream.

    Below are 20 Countries you can consider travelling to as a Nigeria citizen;

    1. United Kingdom
    2. United State of American
    3. Canada
    4. Malaysia
    5. China
    6. Germany
    7. Australia
    8. France
    9. Italy
    10. Denmark
    11. Netherlands
    12. Belgium
    13. Turkey
    14. Switzerland
    15. Finland
    16. Japan
    17. Brazil
    18. Sweden
    19. Iceland
    20. Any Africa Country.


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