How To Create a WordPress Website

    Step By Step Guide on How To Create a WordPress Website

    Hey Viewers, welcome to our new exclusive tutorial. In today’s tutorial, i am going to teach you the various steps on how to create your first WordPress blog all by yourself without paying anyone to get it done for you. You keep reading and drop any question in the comment box.

    What is WordPress?

    According to Wikipedia, WordPress is a free and open-source content administration framework written in PHP and combined with a MySQL or MariaDB information base. Highlights incorporate a module design and a format framework, alluded to inside WordPress as Themes.

    How to Create a WordPress Website

    Now that, you have knowledge on what wordpress means, therefore is time to understand the process or steps of building your own personal blog. Follows the step by step guide on how to create a wordpress website below;

    Get yourself a domain name

    First thing first, you need a domain name, visit any domain registrar, search and purchase the domain you want for your website and allow it to be fully propagate before your proceed.

    List of Some Domain Registrars (Nigeria Registrar) (Nigeria Registrar) e.t.c

    What is a Domain Name

    Domain name is the official address of your website or your website name that people type in their browser to visit your website.

    Get a hosting account

    Yes, after getting a domain name you need a web hosting account to create a wordpress website. You can’t build a site without hosting it. So it is very necessary you buy a manageable host. The list of domain registrars above also offer website hosting, check them out and choose the one that suit you.

    Note: Make sure you follows all the guidelines of any of the hosting company you plan using for your hosting.

    Time for wordpress installation

    After getting your buy domain name and a web hosting account, then you proceed to wordpress installation by scrolling down to locate “WordPress” click on it and install.

    Install WordPress using Softaculous

    Simply login to your cPanel account with the cPanel details sent to you from your web hosting company and look for Softaculous or WordPress installer icon. Click on any of the icon to lunch Softaculous auto-installer for WordPress and fill in your details correctly and click on install wordpress after properly filling the form with your website detail.

    Softaculous will run the installer using the setting you provided. It will take a couple of minutes for the installation to be completed. Do not close the page until the progress bar reaches 100%. Otherwise, this may affect your WordPress installation.

    You will see installation successful after installation is finished, and also show you the links to your website and to your WordPress admin dashboard.

    I think when you are able to follow the above steps stated, then you are good to go, visit your wordpress dashboard and start your installations of plugins, themes and all the suitable design you want. We’ll discuss how to install plugins and themes in our next tutorial, so bookmark this website for more update.


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